Pomodoro Timer Explained

BY Francesco D'Alessio So you’ve heard of the Pomodoro Timer, but curious how it can be used in your daily routine. Here’s a useful guide for beginners to the Pomodoro process to get you up and running, without a hitch. Before we start: “The Pomodoro Technique is a...

What Happens To Your Stuff When You Die?

BY: Jeff Rose This a topic most of us don't even like to think about, let alone discuss. But since death is inevitable, and most of us have more complications in our lives than we're even aware of, it's best to have a plan in place to prepare your finances and your...

GTD in 15 minutes – A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Things Done

Table of contents What is “GTD”? The “in” list Processing the “in” list The “next actions” list The “waiting for” list Projects Contexts Agenda contexts The “some day/maybe” list Calendar Weekly review Trigger lists Getting it to work Tools Read/review folder Tickler...

Sonny Gray 2019 Profile

Sonny Douglas Gray Nickname: Pickles Born: 11/07/1989 in Nashville, TN Draft: 2011, Oakland Athletics, 1st rd. College: Vanderbilt Debut: 7/10/2013 Contract Notes: Trade Assignment Bonus: $1M Innings Pitching Bonus$100,000 each for 150, 160, 170, 180, 190 Cy Young...


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