Client Process


We give police officers and firefighters in Ohio the education, tools, direction, and accountability to create true financial balance and become financially bulletproof.


More than just Financial Wellness

We created our wellness programs to help police officers and firefighters get a holistic base of knowledge. For our clients we take it much further. We help them apply that knowledge to their exact situation.


Tools to look at your money differently.

We have a bevy of tools in our tool belt that we use to help you look at your money in a different way so that you can make decisions in a different manner. It all starts with your spreadsheet and scorecard.


We help our clients create a plan that gets you the most life out of your money, today and tomorrow.

That may sound like the only way to do it, and that is true, but often advisers and individuals build plans to accumulate the most total money. Without a distribution plan, or really considering how it applies to real life. 


We meet with our clients for regular reviews.

Getting together at scheduled times not only helps put a timeline to your goals, increasing the likelihood of achieving them, it also allows us to make adjustments as life and priorities evolve. 

Client Process

No two people are alike. So our process is tailored to the individual to help the client get the most life our of their money.


Between our Financial Wellness program, our Retire Well program, and Pension Prep… We have something or everyone.  

Ready to get started?

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Client Process

Should I take one of your programs or start the process?

Our programs are designed to get you pointed in the right direction if you are a self-starter.

If you want more personal help and advice, our process is better for you. 

An adjustment can be made if you feel like you’ve made a bad decision.

How much does it cost?

We have a coaching-based approach. We believe helping people save more money builds trust, allows us to demonstrate expertise, and gives us more money to work with.

Our team can provide life insurance, disability insurance, long term care options, annuities, retirement accounts, and manage money. 

If you would prefer fee-based help, that can be provided as well. 

How much time does it take?

It depends somewhat on how complicated your finances are, how well organized you are coming in, and how much effort you put in. 

3 to 5 meetings with some homework along the way is average. 

Are you affiliated with OP&F?

No. We’re financial people and not marketing people. 

Choosing a name was an unpleasant afterthought. We chose the name because all of our ideas were horrible and we were just going to go with letters in our name. Then we thought it would be difficult to remember, and went with OPF because we thought police officers and firefighters in Ohio would remember it easily.


It is in no way intended to imply affiliation or deceive.

What do you do with my information/data?

We help you look at everything. So, EVERYTHING.

But we mostly only look at generic information. Account balances and details. We don’t look at any “personal” information like account numbers, social security numbers, etc…

Any other information is kept secure (at least) at industry standards.

The currency our business runs on is trust. We would never sell or share any information.

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