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How are you going to make your retirement decisions?…

If you’re like most people, you take each financial decision you have to make one at a time. You use independent tactics to address independent problems.

Often the tactics we use are just… what everyone else is doing.

  • Retirement? 401k, IRA, Deferred Comp.
  • College? 529 Plan.
  • Car Insurance? Hopefully, I got the best deal.
  • Taxes? Etc, etc…

Because hey, if it works for them, it will work for me. Right?

But is it actually, really working for them? Is that really the best thing for YOU personally?…

In the end, most everyone’s overall financial strategy is at best a collection of unrelated decisions not necessarily working together. At worst, a complete mess.

And I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t get paid for my job, I’d have to quit. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my work, it’s just that I can’t afford to volunteer full time.

Because in reality, the average person trades their time for money. Work = Income. If you were to work a full-time job from age 22 to 67, working 40 hours/week, you would trade 90,000 hours for money. 90,000 hours not counting driving to work, overtime, or out of working hours… work.

What you do with the money you’re trading your time for MATTERS. It matters a WHOLE LOT.

Most people don’t have the tools and ability to measure the macroeconomic impact of each financial decision they make. Thus, the chaotic independent tactics.

Some people try to read as much as they can and figure out what they are “supposed” to do or think they can outsmart everyone and control everything. We call these people DRIVERS.

Others just kind of ignore their decisions as best they can. They make them as they come (are forced to), and by what seems like the option that will most likely, probably, be fine. We call these people DRIFTERS.

What we help people do is become DESIGNERS of their own money.

We help people take a wide angle view of their money so they can make decisions that are best for them personally, by DESIGN.

For the average person, this is incredibly impactful.

Cincinnati Police officers and Firefighters are NOT average. The independent tactics they use and habits they keep may be on par with the average Joe, but a Cincinnati Police officer/Firefighter’s benefits are NOT average at all.

Optimizing your deferred comp, DROP, and pension can be incredibly valuable.

Using individual tactics when it comes to your deferred comp, DROP, and pension can be surprisingly limiting, and that’s before you get into how they play along with the rest of your finances and wants and needs.

Mixing all that together and hoping for optimal results is a pipe dream. Getting the most out of the money you work for is statistically impossible if you leave it up to chance.

Our process solves that for you.

Our class helps you solve it for yourself.